Our mobility in Bulgaria

The project meeting in Burgas – Bulgaria has taken place from 4th-8th July of 2022. This was the last mobility of the project. We travelled with 6 students of our school.

On the very first day of the project, we were warmly welcomed by the host country and wonderful Mrs. Marineta, coordinator of the project. We made a tour of the Vocational School of Coding and Innovations – the host school. It is a very modern and good looking school!

After that, all of the member countries of the project have presented their work on this blog site, so far. After that, students have worked with the IoT platform. We have learned some new and useful stuff!

At the end of the day we even had time to visit the beautiful Burgas beaches.

On the second day of the project, we have visited a a permaculture farm. Very interesting!

After that, our students got a chance to bake a typical Bulgarian salty cake, Banice, and pizza. They loved it!

On the third day, we were back at school and students have worked on sustainable solutions within transport.

In the evening, Bulgaria has prepared a grill party for the rest of us and also open-air cinema!

On the fourth day, we made a trip in Sozopol, a beautiful historical town. We have visited wonderful places and enjoyed some beautiful views!

The last day of the project was sad, as we had to say goodbye to each other. As usual, we were handed out the certificates for the hard work on Smart and sustainable solutions.

The very last activity of the project in Burgas was a visit to St. Anastasia island. Thank you very much, Bulgaria, we had a great time!