Mobility in Poland

The visit in Poland took place from April 3rd until April 9th. We visited the town of Bilgoraj and were researching the ecological and smart solutions within the region.

On the first day of our stay, we visited the partner school in Bilgoraj.

We had a warm welcome from the deputy of the school!

Students from Slovakia presented what has been done so far in the project, and also “Smart and ecological solutions based on the work of our school”. We watched presentations of other schools as well.

During our stay, we have researches smart and sustainable solutions within towns of Bilgoraj, Zamocs and Sandomierz.

Slovakian students in the center of Bilgoraj
An unique geological base in Sandomierz
Beauty of nature in Sandomierz

Our students have also worked in the school. They have worked on the given tasks using the Pecha kucha platform. Students have afterwards presented their solutions.

Students were divided into interantional groups and worked very diligently on their tasks

There was certainly also time for some fun! Students have made wonderful relationships between each other! And most importantly, they have improved their english.

In the end of our mobility, certificates were given out and we said farewell to each other.