Mobility in Romania

The Erasmus meeting in Romania took place on May 30th until the 3rd of June. As all of the meetings before, it was focused on smart and sustainable solutions and the environment. There were 2 teachers and 6 students from Slovakia present.

We started the program on the first day of our mobility in the partner high school. The Gurghiu Forest High School is a wonderful school which includes all the levels from the kindergarten to high school. It is located in a wonderful natural environment and combines classical education with agriculture.

Students have their own grenhouse, fields and even horses! They take care of everything by themselves and in this way are learning all of the skills that are needed for the work in the garden, field or a farm. Great!

A school field
Horses in the school yard

On the first day, we also have visited the Dendrological park in the town. A big and wonderful green zone! There is also the Bornemisza castle that we saw.

On our next day- Tuesday, we made some more interesting activities. We started in a company that develops and bulds all kinds of agricultural machinery. A very modern factory! And what is even more important – they are sustainable!

They created some fun activities for our students. There was even a competition.

Our students tried their best!

The next stop of the day was an Ethnographic museum in Reghin. Then we peeked in some very modern greenhouses of the region – Darina greenhouses. The are growing tomatoes.

Our final stop of the day was in a city Targu Mures. We visited a city park and the zoo. Students loved it!

On Wednesady we met in the Gurghiu Forest school again and did some project activities. Students worked in groups in the classrooms. The theme, of course, was smart and sustainable solutions and the environment.

We, the teachers, had a work meeting. We discussed and planned our next activities and also already spoke about our next mobility – which will take place in Bulgaria.

We finished the day in the Gurghiu Dendrological park where we left a “message” for the future generations. We planted trees.

The next day – Thursday, was also full of interesting activities. We visited several natural sites in Romania. The first one was the “Dead sea of Europe” – Lake Ursu (The bear lake). A very unique place! It´ s a protected area that “lays” on salt. The salty soil was created thousands of years ago and combined with water of the lakes, it creates a unique salty mud which is today used for therapeutical purposes.

But that was not all. After this we visited a town Sovata and Praid salt mine.

On our last day we met in the Gurghiu Forest high school and we got our certificates. Then we said farewell to each other. But we already knew we would see each other again. In Bulgaria, this summer.

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