How we created our own botanic garden

One of the tasks of this Erasmus project was to create our own botanic garden in our school.

We started in the spring of 2022.

The first task for our students was to plant plants from the seeds. They had some fun doing it! For most of them it was the first time. But they said they are willing to do it every spring!

We then took care of our plants in the class, watered and grew them.

Then it was the time to replant these in the school garden. As summer started, students in the project planted plants outside. We used some of our own grown plants and also bought some more in the garden store.

Our school is green for several years already. We are creating our own soil in the compost. Everything that comes from the school yard, branches of the trees, leaves and other bio-waste comes in the compost.

For our botanical garden, we have used our own soil.

And it is finished!

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