Mobility in Slovakia

In october, Slovakia hosted students and teachers from other European countries.

We were very happy to welcome participants of the project from Poland, Bulgaria and Greece. Due to Covid restrictions, it was impossible for participants from Romania to attend.

The mobility in Slovakia took place from Oct. 18th to 23rd. We did a lot of fun and also useful activities!

Students got assignments which they had to work on throughout the week of the visit in Slovakia. All of the work concerned environmental issues. We proceded according to the assignments given by the project itself.

We prepared a full program for the teachers and students for every day of the week.

On the first day we met each other, got to know each other, talked about what is ahead of us and gave out the assignments. We also had some fun tasting of the national foods of each of the participating countries. It was a great way of getting to know each other, break the ice and also find out something about the other countries!

Students in the Secondary school of transport in Bratislava
International food tasting

Students also got to see Bratislava. We were especially focused on the green parts of the city, as this is what the project is about!

A view on Bratislava. One of the teachers of our school provided students with a lecture about the green zones of Bratislava. They were on the sight from the tower on the Danube bridge.

On the first day we also had a program in the evening. We all went bowling together. Students loved it!


On tuesday, all of the students and teachers got to participate on our school classes. They got to see what are our students learning and also they got to try some of the activities.

A practical part of the education in our school
Participating on the education in our school

On Wednesday, the program consisted of a light hike in the Bratislava´ forest. It is a very important green zone in our city. We have finished the hike on the Devin castle – an old ruin outside of Bratislava where two rivers meet – the Czech river Morava and Danube.

On thursday we went to visit the Bratislava plainflood forest. The flora and fauna there is unique.

The lakes – water reserviors of Bratislava

On the last day we met in school again and students presented what they were working on during the week.

Then we had a lunch together and said goodbye. It was very hard! Kids got to know each other very well during the week and saying goodbye was very hard! There were some tears as well.

Our students were excited of everything they did during the week! After the activities they all want to be a part of the project in the future. They also said it had a great benefit for them when it comes to their english speaking skills.

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