A visit in an ecological institution

A students trip in a sewerage plant

Part of Erasmus project Future cities, is a visit to an ecological institution within the city that takes part on the project. Our students, accompanied with a teacher made a trip to a Sewerage plant in Bratislava – Petržalka. Trip took place in the month of September, 2020.

The Petržalka Sewerage is a mechanical-biological cleaning device with a sludge treatment unit. Cleaned water goes in the Danube river. The overall capacity of this plant is over 487 ekvivalent citizens and the capacity of the sludge treatment is  240 m3 of sludge in a day.

This plant is cleaning used waters from the right side of Bratislava city, inluding 3 other satelites belonging to the city and 5 other Austrian towns close by.

Students in the sewerage

Students got the oportunity to see the process of water-cleaning. They got a change to see what happens with the water that comes also from their households. After the whole process, clean water is returned to nature, in rivers, lakes, seas and oceans.    

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