Liceul Silvic Gurghiu

1893 – 2020

Our school – Liceul Silvic Gurghiu – is located in a very beautiful rural mountainous area – Gurghiu Valley – in the central part of Romania – Mures County.

Our school has an impressive history, it was founded in 1893

The didactic activities take place in buildings that can be found at an appreciable distance from each other (5 Km): Orsova, Glajarie, Casva, Larga, Gurghiu.

862 pupils aged between 3 and 18 are enrolled in the school. Students come from families with different religions. In the gymnasium there are and classes with teaching in Hungarian. In our school there are 96 teachers. Teachers strive to involve students in different projects and partnerships, this being a chance for them to learn to become good European citizens.

Liceul Silvic Gurghiu

Our school has a high school with a Forest profile. The school has a hunting ground and a Dendrological Park (with over 100 tree species). Every year the school participates in the National Competition of Competences in Forestry, several times it has reached the international stage

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