Study of biotic and abiotic factors

Certain ecological problems of the cities

In our area a source of pollution is a factory located about 20 km away from us . But, we face other types of problems:

  • plastic garbage thrown in the water
  • neglect of humans ( animals graze in protected natural areas)
  • smoke fom chimneys
  • traffic

In the first year of the project we will study the influence of these factors for the selected areas (we started the study).
We will do this study to find viable and sustainable ecological solutions.

IoT (Internet of Things)

We started taking the IoT course. Students are interested, some students managed to go through the first chapter

We enrolled students and teachers (18) at Cisco Networking Academy – IoT (Internet of Things) course
In the coming months we will learn new things and complete this course

A nice day ! Combining digital activity with outdoor activity.
After completing the first chapter of the IoT course (Internet of Things), students participated with their colleagues in planting fir trees in the Dendrological Park (Dendrological Park is one of the areas for which students will study the influence of biotic, abiotic, anthropogenic factors).