C5 – Mobility in Bulgaria

4.07.2022 – 8.07.2022 Burgas

Day 1
Monday , 4 July 2022

“Cities of the future – smart and sustainable solutions”
Mobility in Burgas – Bulgaria ( 4- 8 July 2022 )

We were welcomed by the director and coordinator of the school project in Bulgaria. After a welcome speech, we visited the school. A school with an exceptional endowment, a “colourful” school, a boarding school with rooms with balcony and private bathroom. We hope we have captured everything as well as possible in pictures.

  • Each partner school in the project presented their own personalised t-shirts and bags (which were later given as gifts).
  • Each school presented a section of the website they worked on ( https://futurecities.codingburgas.net/ )
  • We had lunch in the school canteen
  • In the second part of the day, students logged on to the Cisco platform and received guidance on how to complete the course.
    We also had time to get to the sea……

Day 2
Tuesday , 5 July 2022

“Future cities – smart and sustainable solutions”
Mobility in Bourgas – Bulgaria ( 4- 8 July 2022 )

We visited a wonderful Permaculture farm. The hosts prepared for the students the necessary ingredients to prepare a traditional pizza-like meal. After preparation, we all ate.
After lunch we went to the beach for a while and visited the city of Bourgas.

Day 3 – 4 – 5
6 – 8 July 2022

“Future cities – smart and sustainable solutions”
Mobility in Bourgas – Bulgaria ( 4- 8 July 2022 )

Wednesday morning students worked in international teams. They had to finalize the document with the solutions they found. After lunch they worked on the Cisco course and in the evening they helped to prepare the barbecue.
On Thursday we visited the city of Sozopol. In the evening the teachers met at the restaurant for dinner and the students went to a festival in the city organized by Coca Cola.
Friday, closing ceremony, receiving Certificates of Participation and …… back home.

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