C4 – Mobility in Romania

Gurghiu – Mureș 30.05.2022 – 3.06.2022

Day 1 ( 30 May 2022 )
Because our project partners live in big cities ( Bratislava, Bilgoraj, Burgas, Kalamata), for them our school is a “green paradise”.
During the first day, in addition to visiting the school, Bornemisza Castle and the beautiful Dendrological Park (the guests were particularly delighted and expressed their wish to return to these places in future projects), we carried out the activities foreseen in the mobility agenda.

  • We talked about the realisation of the Mini Botanical Garden in the school yard, realised both with project funds and thanks to the support of the school;
  • We discussed issues related to the eTwinning virtual project. From 1 June 2022 the platform will change its “face”, which is why we concluded that we will have a lot of work to do before the end of the project to bring it to the stage we want;
  • We discussed with the teachers present how we will carry out the activities foreseen by the project, so that our project will have a successful end (what we still have to do, what we have to catch up, etc.).
  • We made a thematic visit to the Gurghi Valley, to show the guests our “green” area, accompanied by Mr. Ing. Pop Călin, who also provided us with the necessary specialist information;

Day 2 – 31 May 2022
In the framework of the project, we was visit IRUM Reghin. We were impressed by the warm, professional, impressive way we experienced IRUM Reghin. At the end of the visit, the hosts prepared an attractive competition for the students, a competition of joining pieces according to a given scheme. If the students were shy at first, later they got involved and competed in several heats.
We all received Participation Diplomas and a hat with the factory logo. Thank you!
We visited the Reghin Village Museum and the Dalin Greenhouses on the way. Thank you for accepting to visit them.
The students enjoyed having lunch at the Shopping City and doing a little shopping, and afterwards they admired the “green” view from the
Cornești Plateau in Târgu Mureș, in tune with the theme of our project. Some participants also visited the Zoo.

Day 3 – 1 June 2022
Today, on the child’s birthday, we had a busy day at work. But when you love what you do, time flies.
Each partner presented the sustainable solutions found according to the specifics of each school:
Bulgaria – IoT and other IT solutions
Poland – Sustainable construction
Romania – Flora and fauna used to enrich the city environment
Slovakia – Transport solutions
Greece – Trade and agribusiness around cities ( they couldn’t come, they have National Exams)
Students worked in international teams; the theme was “Cities of the future – smart and sustainable solutions”.
Based on the sustainable solutions found by each partner school, according to its specificities, students searched for texts, examples of good practice, images, in line with the given theme.
While the pupils were working, the teachers analysed and discussed issues related to future project activities (next mobility to Bulgaria), the eTwinning platform and Mobility Tools as well as solutions to remedy shortcomings, if any.
After lunch (traditional Romanian meal offered by the Gurghiu Forest High School), we all went together to the Gurghiu Dendrological Park, and together with Mr. Director Mîndru Marcel – who provided us with the necessary materials – the participants who wished, planted a small tree.

Day 4-5 ( 2-3 June 2022 )
The Erasmus+ school partnership mobility at our school has ended. If you want to follow the activities of the project, you can find information on the project website and on the FaceBook page of the project.

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