C3 – Mobility in Poland

Working with Internet tools on ecological issues, Bilgoraj, Poland

I Liceum Ogolnoksztalcace im.Organizacji Narodow Zjednoczonych w Bilgoraju

Day 1 ( Monday, 4 April 2022)
After having breakfast at the hotel restaurant where we are staying, we went to the partner school where the meeting with the delegations of schools from Bulgaria, Greece, Slovakia and Poland took place.
We were welcomed by the headmistress of the school and Bozena (the Polish coordinator of the project). We all visited the host school, a large, modern, very well equipped school.
Each team presented to the others the activities carried out so far in the project.
Afterwards, we took a mini-tour of the city, visiting the main sights.
Tonight, the participating teachers are going to meet and discuss the activities to be carried out in the Erasmus+ project.

Day 2 ( 5 April 2022)
Future Cities – Smart and Sustainable Solutions
Today we visited:

City of Zamość

Roztoczanski National Park in Zwierzyniec

Day 3 ( 6 April 2022 )
Future Cities – Smart and Sustainable Solutions ( FC – SSS)
Today students worked in international teams. They used the Pecha Kucha app to make a presentation on smart solutions for environmental protection and pollution reduction. On Friday, in a festive setting, each team will present what they created together today.
In the meantime the teachers have been discussing how to fill in the Mobility Tool report on this mobility.
Sports activities followed. Students played table tennis and bowling in international teams.
In the evening at dinner we tasted a traditional Polish meal.

Day 4 ( 7 April 2022)
We visited the town of Sandomierz, a town known for its Old Town, which is an important tourist attraction.
The guide explained to us what solutions have been found and are being implemented in the town to reduce or eliminate pollution.

Day 5 ( 8 April)
Each international team presented their work with Pecha Kucha. After the presentations and a short break, all participants received Certificates of Participation. Afterwards, students and teachers danced to songs specific to each participating country.
After lunch, we left for home…. with difficulty, as the students had a hard time parting from each other…hugs, signatures on souvenir bags received from the host school, etc.
At the end of May 2022 we are expecting to receive new delegations from the partner schools in the project (Bulgaria, Greece, Slovakia, Poland).

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