Project questionnaire

In order to evaluate our project, the Polish coordinator prepared and carried out a questionnaire about the most important aspects of the tasks in the project. All the participants of the visits in Slovakia, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria had a chance to answer the questions. The questionnaire focuses on ecological problems and thier solutions as well as the usage of IT  and English language during the project. As we can see from the results, most of the participants had an opportunity to learn more about the issuses  and improve their skiils  and abilities. Thera are only few negative answers to the questions which means that not all the participants were engaged in every task what is natural.

  1. mdezheva

    I think that this quiz gives enough information about the attitude of all the participants towards the work on the project, We are very pleased to see that there are many positive messages as far as the published materials are concerned. We can see in the answers that the project objectives have been achieved. Thanks to all the partners we have done a great job.

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