Visit to Romania

From May 30 to June 4, 2022, the students of our school took part in the Erasmus + Project entitled Future Cities – Smart and Sustainable Solutions organized by Romania. The students from Bulgaria, and Slovakia also came and participated in the project.

We stayed at the city of Reghin and had a few interesting excursions. Visiting IRUM is worth mentioning here. IRUM is the factory focused on the production, development and service dedicated to forestry equipment and agricultural machinery. Being there we had the opportunity to see how e.g. tractors are made. The hosts prepared a nice presentation about the history of the factory and activities for us. The Polish group was the best at solving the tasks! It was great fun for everybody! At the end of our visit all the students got the certificates for the active participation at IRUM activities!

Staying at Reghin we visited the Ethnographic Museum of Reghin which preserves and values architectural monuments, crafts related items, folk/popular costumes and specific habits of the Superior Valley of Mureș river, below Gurghiului Valley and a part of the Transylvania Plain.  As we learnt the museum is a picturesque space showing its visitors the culture of the traditional village.

During our stay in Romania we went to Sovata to see the Bear Lake (also called the “”Ursu Lake” or the Dead Sea of ​​Transylvania”)which has an area of ​​40,000 square meters, which is the world record for the Largest Heliotherm Lake. This is the only heliothermal lake in Europe. The lake is known for treating rheumatic, endocrinological and cardiovascular diseases and the sludge from the bottom of the lake is used in many treatments.

Our excursion to Praid Salt Mine in Praid was amazing! We could try the unique climate of the salt mine. Arriving to the visiting level we could enjoy all of the benefits of a well-lit small village with Wi-Fi, playground for children, creative and amusement parks, ecumenical chapel, coffee shop and a naturist drugstore. That was a fantastic place to benefit the relaxation.

A beautiful city of Sighisoara, which we had the opportunity to visit, will stay in our minds for long, too. Sighisoara is the place where you can feel history on every lane. The first and foremost reason why we wanted to see Sighisoara is its Citadel inscribed into the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites but also because that it is the birthplace of Dracula. J

During our stay in Romania we had the chance to do a lot sightseeing, co-operate on the project in international teams, discuss and analyse the results of our work, taste new dishes and desserts e.g. mamalyga and papanasi, make new friends and have a good time with the students from the schools participating in the project.  Our week visit in Romania was an unforgettable time and wonderful experience for all of us. Very friendly people, beautiful weather and nice atmosphere made our stay very enjoyable!

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