Visit to Poland

In April 2022, we hosted a group of students and teachers from Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and Slovakia at our school, with whom we are participating in the Erasmus+ project. Its aim is to enable young people to work together to solve environmental problems present in cities. During the visit, we discussed activities undertaken so far in schools, and then we prepared multimedia presentations in international teams on solutions to various ecological problems like the lack of renewable energy, transport or clean water. Together, we’ve also prepared a banquet comprised of various traditional delicacies from our guests home countries. During their stay we have shown our guests our city and region. We took them on a hiking trip around the area, where they had the opportunity to see charming and interesting places in Biłgoraj. During the trip to Zamość, we admired the Old Town and tried regional dishes. We’ve also visited the Bukowa Góra Reserve in Roztocze and watched a film about the biodiversity of the Roztocze National Park. On the next trip we visited the beautiful, historic Sandomierz. It was anextraordinarily interesting time both for us and our guests. Together, we learned a lot about ecology and exchanged experiences, made new friends, developed our language and IT skills, and got to know cultures that we have known so little about.

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