Bilgoraj – town on two wheels

New bicycle stands have been installed in Biłgoraj as a part of the initiative to become an eco-friendly city. They encourage cycling as a means of transport around the city, so people don’t have to look for a place where they could leave their bicycles. As a result, our city has reduced its carbon footprint and peopleare becoming healthier. Surprisingly, the city is slowly becoming similar to the Netherlands, where cycling is the prefered means of transport. Because of the city council’s decision, you can finally get anywhere in the city by bike.

  1. Kacper

    It’s really nice to see Biłgoraj put more focus on eco-friendly means of transportation. It makes it especially easier for people that live on the city outskirts to quickly move from place to place without the need to posses a vehicle or using public transportation.

    I hope they’ll keep at it and expand the amount of bicycle lanes even further

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