First visit of the project to Slovakia

The first meeting with physical presence, take part in Slovakia! A wonderful country, with wonderful people! Our trip from Greece was quite long, but it was worth it. We started on Sunday, October 17, in the morning and took a bus to Athens. From there we took the plane to Vienna. From Vienna, we took the bus to Bratislava, one of the queens of the Danube. Arriving in Bratislava, we found our hotel, Nivy, arranged by the Slovak Erasmus team. It was a comfortable hotel, with lots of dining and a large supermarket nearby. On Monday, October 18, a delegation from the Slovak team came to the hotel to accompany us to the school, where the first meeting took place. First the presentations of the schools were made and then we were at the exhibition of local products, which we had all brought from our particular homelands. It was a wonderful exchange of delicious experiences! In the afternoon we visited the parliament and took a nice walk in the old Bratislava. In the evening we went for bowling and it was a lot of fun.

On Tuesday, October 19, we took a tour of the school premises and learned about the projects that take place at the school. It was an interesting educational experience. In the afternoon we went a walk to UFO tower and to a nice park nearby this.

On Wednesday 20 October we gathered and went on a wonderful trek to one of the amazing mountains surrounding Bratislava, we ended up at the castle of Devin which is a cultural heritage site.

On Thursday, October 21, we went to an area of ​​environmental interest and were guided by a guide. At the same time, we undertook, the Greek team, the project that had the theme of soil. We made the presentation on Friday, October 22, which was the last day of the meeting. With great sadness, we left the amazing teams of Bulgaria, Slovakia and Poland.

We thank the team of Slovakia for their wonderful hospitality and the teams of Bulgaria and Poland for their friendship!