Travel to Poland – another mobility of our project Erasmus+

One of the Erasmu+ projects of PGCPI – “Future cities smart and sustainable solutions” held its second mobility in Poland, the city of Bilgoraj. Long journey, tasks, excursions, friendships, pleasure and entertainment, and most importantly – experience. These are the words with which I can briefly describe our experiences during this period.
Our plane was an hour late from Sofia. There was a risk that we would not be able to catch the connection in Frankfurt. There – were long corridors, picky customs officers, running. Finally, the Plane flew to Krakow. Then about three hours by bus to Bilgoraj. Finally a hotel, accommodation, and sleep. The next day we met with other mobility participants from other countries.
We started working on the project. First of all, the reports on the work done so far were presented. All the schools had worked hard. Interesting initiatives were presented, and problems were pointed out. The students from our team had interesting presentations.  After all, they had prepared a lot!
The next day we visited Zamosc, a beautiful town with a historic center and beautiful colorful buildings, an example of the sustainability of the city center from the Middle Ages.
Next day: work in international teams on the topics of smart and sustainable solutions in cities according to the Pecha Kucha model. The students worked for about 2 hours. Disadvantages that were identified: only one computer per group, insufficient IT training of the students from other countries, in general, only our students were the engines in each group, it can not be otherwise!
Another interesting day was the subject of our visit – Sandomierz. The city originated in the early Middle Ages, benefiting from its excellent location at the crossroads of the Vistula and San rivers and along important trade routes. Favorable climatic and soil conditions are a good prerequisite for growing vines, nature is beautiful and here you can see the phenomena of plant species and terrestrial forms. Wonderful only sunny day for us and a great hike (we walked a lot).
We also came to the presentation of common presentations, which took place on Friday. The students did well, I’m not saying great. They lacked proposals for the use of technologies to protect the urban environment.
We received certificates of participation, we made a lot of friends, it was wonderful. The students were very happy, and this was the most important thing. We wish these events to accompany us regularly in the life of our schools.

Our first visit on the project in Bratislava, Slovakia

Future cities -smart and sustainable solutions

Erasmus+ K2 project; first visit to Bratislava, Slovakia

From 16.10 to 23.10.2021 the first mobility under the project Future cities-smart and sustainable solutions took place. A group of teachers and students from PGKPI visited the Vocational School of Transport in Bratislava, Slovakia. Together with project partners from Poland, Greece, and Slovakia, they participated in several events. Students from different countries presented their city and school. The students from our school took part in an online meeting where they told about their work. They presented their research on good practices and problematic ecological areas in Burgas and gave suggestions for smart and sustainable solutions for the urban environment.

Demonstrations of an electric car designed by Slovak students were observed, we “played” fruits programmed with Microbit boards and a practical lesson in electrical engineering.

Each group was tasked to research and prepare presentations on “Forests”, “Soils”, “Waste” and “Air” in Bratislava, which were presented at the end of the meeting.

The hosts showed us the green areas of Bratislava. The workshops discussed the causes of urban pollution and proposed solutions. Students showed their presentations due to these trips. Internet tools were used to show the impressions and facts of the trips.



On the 23rd of January, we conducted an online conference with partners from Bulgaria, Greece, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia. There were 53 persons – teachers and students that attended the conference. We had a plan that has been published in advance. Firstly, we had to show the work that has been done during the last two months. Students have prepared their presentations about their countries, towns, and schools. The approaches were different. The facts and pictures were interesting and picturesque. We became aware of the fact that every country is unique and has something to tell us. This is why we wished harder to go there and see all these beauties because everywhere one can see a piece of paradise. Everybody had done their best to present the school, their city, and their countries. Our next task was to vote for the project logo and motto. The winner was the Bulgarian team. Here you can see the chosen logo. And the motto is: “Bring nature into cities with IT!” The other suggestions are on the Facebook profile-

We were shown two educational presentations about how to make electronic maps of our cities and how to work with the Cisco academy. And at the end, we discussed our future tasks on the project. I think this conference was very useful and successful.