London. The German company Green City Solutions has designed and installed benches that purify the air. The last bench is on the face of Glasshouse, next to Picadilly  Circus in London, where they have set out to reduce urban pollution. CityTree benches have a filter that purifies the air 275 times more than deciduous trees. Tourists can now see them not only in London, but also in many German cities, Paris, Amsterdam and many other places in Europe.

Green systems need only 1% of the space needed for plants. The device is a combination of paste and moss and removes dust, nitrogen dioxide and ozone gases from the air, the company said. From there they inform that there is a built-in system for monitoring the levels of pollution, the temperature of the air, the quality of the water, etc. The benches are made of solar panels, filling them with energy. With such innovative projects, the German company aims to reduce carbon emissions in major European cities.

“Our vision is a world where people in cities can live healthily. We want to create living conditions that allow all people around the world to have permanently clean and cool air to breathe, “said Green City Solutions.