Our wonderful adventure to Bilgoraj and Krakow in Poland!

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Impressions of  Martin Mechkov

It was an interesting day. In the morning we had breakfast and headed to school. We were accommodated in a huge hall where we would present our presentations. Each country brought food that was placed on a long table and everyone could walk and taste the food. We presented our school, our work on the project till then, and after that we had lunch in the school canteen.

In the afternoon the hosts took us outside. The weather was a little rainy. They took us around Bilgoraj. We passed through different buildings and were told the history of the city. Interesting history starting from the Medieval ages when the main craft was the making of sieves. It was still raining.

We were tired and went back to the hotel. In the evening we were invited to go out to a restaurant with students from other groups to get to know each other. We went to a pizzeria called Chillout. There we ate pizza, played billiards, darts and many other fun games. The day was wonderful and we couldn’t wait to go out again with our new friends!

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Impressions of Ivelin Vassilev 

On Tuesday, after we had breakfast, we departed to the city of Zamość. There we got to see a beautiful ancient castle and a number of monuments; it was amazing! The castle was located in the old town of the city on the big main square, which has been preserved since its creation. There were also old colourful buildings, constructed by Armenian and Jewish merchants. After that we took a group photo in front of the castle and they let us have some free time to go around the city, eat, relax and buy some souvenirs. The city and the people were great. It was really clean, not only in Zamość, but in every city which we visited while in Poland! There were all types of transport, but people were mostly using cars, which is bad considering that there were public electrical scooters and bikes which you could rent. On the other hand, there were a lot of parks and green places with a lot of plants and trees where people could sit and rest. A little part of the city of Biłgoraj, is being used for building wooden houses made by an old Jewish model. They are also being sold so you could buy one and live there. All in all, it was a wonderful experience and I’m happy that I got the chance to see all those majestic places and get to know a lot of new amazing people!

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Impressions of Yoanna Simeonova

Wednesday was both a very productive and fun day. In the morning we went to the school and got divided into international teams consisting of 6 people. Each team was assigned a different task on which to prepare a presentation using the Pecha Kucha approach. We knew that we would be presenting the finished product on Friday. We had about two and a half hours to complete our 20-slide presentations, including all stages from finding the information to making the slides stylish. In my opinion we ( the Bulgarians) had an advantage as we’re from a technological school. After we were ready with the assignment we went to the city’s bowling alley. This time we formed the teams ourselves, but we still managed to keep them international. We had lots of fun and some people found out that they are better at the game than they had imagined.  The whole day felt super fulfilling and we managed to bond with our partners even more.


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Impressions of Georgi Jechev

Our day started with preparations for an excursion from Bilgoraj to Sandomierz. With my first view of the town, I saw the stunning palace looming over the surrounding area.I liked the walk near the river. The only drawback is that it was too short. After that, we took a scenic route to see the surroundings of the castle. When we entered I felt overwhelmed with the size and architecture still standing in this place. Definitely one of the most stunning moments of this day. Then we climbed to the next hill next to a church. However, the interesting thing is not the church; it is how I went down the hill after. There was a ravine going all the way down to the base of the hill. In the end I had some free time and explored the little town on my own.


Impressions of Yordan Stoyanov

Friday was our last day in Bilgoraj. Factually, it was the last day of our cooperative meeting about the Green Cities project. After our early morning breakfast, we were heading to the school, where we would finally give our cross-country team presentations in pecha kucha format, regarding various ecological problems and their solutions. Each and every presentation was unique and fresh in its own way. Some had really good design, but weren’t really information-rich, some had inferior design but were really informational, and some were excelent in both categories. After all the presentations, we got our certificates for taking part in the project. This was made possible by the head teacher on the polish side, and our teachers. With our certificates in our hands, we all lined up for a group photo, and the next moment we were all dancing some traditional national dances, and some widely known ones.

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Impressions of Jacqieline Yordanova

The day we visited Krakow was gloomy, cold and rainy, but that didn’t stop us from seeing the beauty of the city. We started with the center, where we bought souvenirs from the indoor market. The city is extremely beautiful. With navigation and confusion we reached the Schindler Museum, but as it was too far we caught a golf cart. But going to the museum we met a wonderful guide, who on the way to the museum told us about the city and the history behind the museum. The museum was extremely nice and interesting, each area was decorated according to the atmosphere of the place in the camps. There was extremely beautiful architecture all over the city.We rode electric scooters, which help to move around the city faster and protect the environment at the same time. We traveled around the city in a golf cart and it was extremely interesting, because it was very easy to see a large part of the city and its beauty. We visited the castle in Krakow, but since it was extremely cold, I had to visit it.




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