Dear partners, this is our attempt to create an online map of our city. It is linked with the green areas in our city and the biggest one is the Sea garden. We have described many of the trees in it. It is fantastic throughout the year. We shall proceed depicting other green spots and will try to understand are these green spots enough to provide fresh air to our city and to us. The Sea Garden has been built in the distant 1910 by the gardener Georgi Duhtev, who turned the bare windy space between the city and the sea into one of the most beautiful parks in Bulgaria. Thanks to his passion for exotic vegetation, there are still hundreds of species of plants from all continents in the garden that import exotics, and the old part of the Sea Garden has been declared a monument of park art. The area of the park is 600 decares and its length is more than 5 km. It will take you a few hours if you want to go around it all.

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