A visit to the water purifying station

An ordinary school day! Under the Erasmus + project “Future cities-smart and sustainable solutions”, we organised students and teachers to visit the new water treatment plant at the complex “Meden Rudnik”, where our school is located. We walked along the road. It was fun, the weather was sunny and predisposing. At the station, we were met by the station laboratory assistant, who showed us around and explained all the mechanisms of purification. The most interesting thing was that there was water purification with microorganisms. The station was built according to an Austrian project, of course with EU money. All processes are controlled by IT. The goal is to achieve a standard purity of the water that is discharged into the lake. Mandra. At the end of the station, what comes out is industrial water and dry matter, great for fertilizing. The strange thing is that these products are not available for use. This would contribute to the economic efficiency of the station. An engineer from the station explained the technologies used for the treatment. Purification processes are carried out in huge tanks located outdoors. We learned how not to pollute the water, not to dump certain products in the sewer network and how this interferes with the treatment. We heard and saw interesting things! This visit contributed to а certain extent to our environmental education, to how the municipality takes care of the purification and the ecological state of our city.