One more new educational institution opened its doors 2018 in Burgas. The Vocational School of Coding and Innovations had its start in the 2018/2019 school year.​

The campus for the new school is that of the former Professional Technical School in the “Meden Rudnik” Housing Complex of Burgas. To meet the requirements all the buildings, facilities and the big dorm which is part of the complex have been completely renovated.​

In the first year 104 students were enrolled in the 8th grade. They will study in the professional field of “Computer Sciences”, job title “Programmer”, specialization in „Software Maintenance“ and “Applied Programming”. Students will enroll after finishing their 7th grade studies, and study at the school for 5 years.​

Today we are 320 Student and 30 Teachers.​




Undoubtedly climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time, which will increasingly affect humanity in the coming years. At the same time, climate change directly affects not only us, humans, but also biodiversity, the planet’s ecosystems, and hence the resources and other “benefits” that humanity has from nature (eg access to water, food, regulation and emergence). of new pests, diseases, and drugs,).

On average, an adult inhales about 10,000 liters of air per day. In this sense, the quality of the air we breathe is of great importance to our health. Today, in the big cities of Bulgaria and Europe, polluted air is a real threat to people.

The term “air pollution” applies to various pollutants – chemical, physical, biological or other, which in some way affect and change the natural characteristics of the atmosphere and affect human health and the environment. Everywhere air pollution affects the quality of life, unfortunately reflecting in the registered cases with lethal outcomes and the increased number of respiratory diseases.

The control of the levels of atmospheric pollutants creates preconditions for management and improvement of the air quality in accordance with the current regulations, as the final effect, which is aimed at reducing the negative impact and improving the air quality.

Our group on the project “Future cities smart and sustainable solutions” realised an online meeting with Municipality Bourgas to collect information about the measures that have been taken by the municipality and make and keep the city air clean. We have understood that it has won a European project which is called “Bulgarian municipalities work together to improve the quality of the atmospheric air”

In the current stage – Pilot phase, the developed approach for replacement of the old stoves will be applied for the first time, and a total of 80 households will be covered.

Within the project, the Municipality of Burgas is provided free replacement of old heating appliances with wood and coal for 1,994 households with environmentally-friendly forms of heating: gas, central heating, and pellets.

Our students and teachers have learned that there are three stations- one mobile and two stationary that measure the quality of the air in town.

At the beginning of the heating season, the Mobile Air Quality Control Station is already located in the Central City Hall, on Oborishte Street, opposite the Criminal Parking Lot. In automatic mode, continuous 24-hour measurements are performed for the concentrations of basic and specific air pollutants – benzene, styrene, hydrogen sulfide, ozone, sulfur, and nitrogen oxides, as well as fine dust particles. Real-time access to the monitoring data is provided, as detailed information on the limit values ​​for each pollutant is available through the website of the municipality at www.burgas.bg, Section “Environment”, Atmospheric air quality in Burgas .create

It was a very interesting meeting and we will use the information in our work on the project to create our smart and sustainable solutions. We were promised to have some other meetings with the hospitable municipality members to understand what is going on with the other natural components in our city.


When you participate in the Cisco Networking Academy, you are joining a global community linked by common goals and technologies. Schools, colleges, universities, and other entities in over 160 countries participate in the program.

Look for the Cisco Networking Academy official site on Facebook© and LinkedIn©. The Facebook site is where you can meet and engage with other Networking Academy students from around the world. The Cisco Networking Academy LinkedIn site connects you with job postings, and you can see how others are effectively communicating their skills.

The netacad.com learning environment is an important part of the overall course experience for students and instructors in the Networking Academy. These online course materials include course text and related interactive media, paper-based labs, and many different types of quizzes. All of these materials provide important feedback to help you assess your progress throughout the course.

The material in this course encompasses a broad range of technologies that facilitate how people work, live, play, and learn by communicating with voice, video, and other data. Networking and the Internet affect people differently in different parts of the world. Although we have worked with instructors from around the world to create these materials, it is important that you work with your instructor and fellow students to make the material in this course applicable to your local situation.

During our project some of student are learning Internet of Things cource in Cisco Academy.


In our world today, there are more smart devices than there are people. A growing number of people are connected to the Internet, in one way or another, 24 hours a day. An ever-increasing number of people have, and rely on, three, four, or more smart devices. These might include smartphones, exercise and health monitors, e-readers, and tablets. Each consumer will have an average of 6.58 smart devices.

How is it possible for so many devices to be connected?

Modern digital networks make all of this possible. The world is quickly being covered with networks that allow digital devices to interconnect and transmit. Think of the mesh of networks like a digital skin surrounding the planet. With this digital skin, mobile devices, electronic sensors, electronic measuring devices, medical devices, and gauges are all able to connect. They monitor, communicate, evaluate, and in some cases automatically

adjust to the data that is being collected and transmitted.

As society embraces these digital devices, as digital networks continue to grow around the world, and as the economic benefits of digitization continue to grow, we are seeing a digital transformation. Digital transformation is the application of digital technology to provide the stage for business and industry to innovate. This digital innovation is now being applied to every aspect of human society.